Yesterday was Census Day. Pleasant Plains had a 45.7 response rate. Let’s see if you can't get that higher. If you have not responded to your census please do so by filling out the questionnaire sent to you in the mail or going on line at . It doesn't even take 10 minutes. This data is very important for the village in shaping our community. Here are some important facts why you should complete your census:

The Census Bureau must report the population and apportionment of seats in the US House of Representatives for each state.

The higher the population, the more representation on congress.

The U.S. Constitution mandates that a census be completed every 10 years.

Census data is used by emergency responders and medical professionals to help identify where and how much help is needed.

The information you provide on the census questionnaire is safe and secure.

The census determines congressional representation for states and districts based off of population returns.

The 2020 census is available in several languages.

The homeless are counted the same way as college students or prisoners in that where a person is living on April 1st is where he/she will be counted.

Census scams exist, but there are ways to identify fake census questionnaires. The census WILL NEVER ask you for your identification, your social security number, money or donations, anything on behalf of a political party, bank account and credit card numbers.

Failure to complete the census honestly can result in a fine.

Please help your community in completing your Census Questionnaire now.