Village of Pleasant Plains

In an effort to increase communication between the village and the community members about boil orders, emergency notifications and other important information, we are developing an email list to notify and update the community. If you would be interested in receiving notifications and updates, please click the link below to be taken to a form that will help us gather the information.

If you would prefer to fill out your information on paper, copies will be available at the Village Hall.

Please click this link to fill out the form.


Many families have been experiencing economic hardship due to the pandemic. From the stimulus checks to the additional weekly unemployment stipend our government has tried to assist with our daily needs. Unfortunately, our bills go on. If you continue to experience difficulty in paying your past water/sewer bill please contact the office to arrange some type of payment plan. It appears we will be entering Phase 4 of the pandemic and businesses will be reopening and slowly returning to “normal”. As you are aware, the Village is not obligated to continue extending water/sewer services without payment. Therefore, it is very important that you make arrangements to bring your accounts up to date. Shut offs will resume on June 29, 2020.